9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your ClickBank Offers

There’re several techniques that you can utilize to drive Traffic to any ClickBank offer you promote. In this article, I’m going to review some of these methods to supply you with some tips that may meet your needs in getting a lot of visitors to watch your promoted offers.

Before you begin driving traffic to your offer, you should create a squeeze page to deliver the traffic to. There are 2 major benefits for this:

1) Several types of advertising that you may use will not allow you to send traffic straight to a sales page. Many of the most productive forms of advertising now frown upon that. So, by setting up a landing page, you can get by these rules.

2) By having a Landing Page to send your traffic to, you can get the Optin before passing them off to the Offer. Find yourself a free report in your Niche that you can use to giveaway. There are many places where you can find a Giveaway Report or PLR in your Niche that you can get for free.

Then simply set up a squeeze page & have your autoresponder direct them to the Sales Page after the sign-up. I also place a link at the bottom of my squeeze page that says something like “Click Here to Pass on this Free Report”. That link I then have take them directly to the sales page.

Why do this? Because if they don’t sign up for your free report, then you have lost them from getting to the Sales Page. By having the link, you can still get them there!

OK, now let’s take a look at some of the ideas on getting traffic to the offer &/or Landing Page.

1. Facebook Ads

Same as Twitter, but they also show up in people’s sidebar. These ads can also get a little pricey. But you can also get a lot of good clicks for cheap if you target low competition areas.

2. Google AdWords

Most people have heard of Google AdWords if you have been in Marketing for any amount of time. This is a good way to drive traffic to an offer/landing page. But, depending on your keywords, it can get a little pricey. The more competitive your keyword is, the more you are going to have to spend. You will pay a lot less if you are using keywords that aren’t highly competitive.

3. Bing Ads

Basically the same as AdWords & follows the same format.

4. YouTube Video Ads

A lot of people shy away from this method because they feel that they must go on Camera to get on YouTube. That is so far from the truth! It is very easy to put together a 60 – 90 sec. video using PowerPoint/Open Office, target a keyword, add some music, & then publish to YouTube. You then place a link to your Sales Page/Landing Page in the description & you are good to go. I will cover more on this in a future Article.

5. Twitter Ads

Once again, a little like AdWords. But with Twitter, you pay for a Sponsored Ad, pick the demographics you want your ads to reach, & they show up on people’s timeline for your desired demographic group.

6. Social Media

It is easy to promote your products & landing pages using Social Media. Set up as many Social Media Accounts as you can. Work on getting a following. Set up a Facebook Fan Page for EVERY Niche that you are in. Set up a Business Profile page on FB to keep your Business Contacts separate from your personal ones. The power of Social Media is amazing & can help you get ahead!

7. Craigslist

It has gotten a lot harder for marketers that try to use Craigslist to promote their products over the past few years. But there are work arounds for this & there are many good products that can help you navigate Craigslist & make it profitable.

8. Free Classifieds

There are a lot of Free Classified sites that you can post links on. Don’t overlook these when it comes to your Marketing efforts.

And lastly,

9. BackPage.com

A lot of people overlook BackPage.com because when they think of it, they think Adult Ads. BUT, BackPage has a Business Opportunities Section where you can post a link to your landing page.

I hope that this has helped you in some way, & I will be following up with Articles to cover some of these Ideas in more depth.