What Is The Best Affiliate Network For You – ClickBank Or JVZoo?

To be a successful internet marketer you will have to come up with a series of services or products which you’ll promote and sell online which is useful to your website visitors. In order to do that, you’ll need select the right affiliate network to join. Therefore, you should think about getting a well-performing affiliate network which offers you both an adaptable affiliate marketing solutions along with a simple and easy payment options.

You can find several affiliate marketing networks that provide this type of services, but don’t just choose one network randomly. Here’s a brief review along with a comparison between two of the very popular affiliate networks that offer affiliate products with built-in payment processor. I’ll review them to make it easier to determine if their services are your best option.

For Beginner Affiliates

Let’s start with ClickBank. Its payment processing and affiliate program network solutions are great for newbies marketers. This affiliate network doesn’t need affiliates to own a website or a good marketing history to join the network. Affiliate selection is never an issue among ClickBank vendors, so every affiliate is free to sell any product in the marketplace. Additionally, it has fewer promotional limitations, providing its affiliates the freedom to make use of any marketing strategy they like, such as email marketing, content marketing or even PPC advertising…etc.

On the flip side, JVZoo network is yet another platform for promoting products online which provides the most recent payment processor for both physical and digital products. Similar to ClickBank, it’s widely open to everyone want to be an affiliate marketer. However, you will need to ask for approval from the product owners before you’ll be able to generate your unique affiliate link and start promoting their products.

Joining both networks is absolutely free and won’t cost you any money. Both networks will offer immediate access to all of their affiliate resources and coaching that will help you be a profitable affiliate marketer.

Commission System In Both ClickBank & JVZoo

This’s the most important part, so let’s discuss commissions system. In ClickBank, for each valid purchase, the commission rate is calculated as a percentage (between 1% and 75%) applied to the product as set by the vendor. It will require about 2 weeks before you receive your commission. While in JVZoo, affiliates are only charged 5% + PayPal’s fee per transaction, and you can get as much as 100% commission.

You’ll be paid immediately from the vendor, not the purchaser if the vendor approves you for immediate payment according to your track record or experience as an affiliate! This protects affiliates from ever getting a charge-back or PayPal dispute from an unsatisfied customer. Given that it has the latest payment processor, you will get your commission once you finish a deal with a client.

Also, particular products let you recruit affiliates, making you a commission every time a sale is made by another affiliate you recruited. However, JVZoo has also recently introduced a delayed payment option for affiliates that do not have any track record. This means that affiliates who are not approved for instant payment will need to wait until after the money back guarantee period is finished to get paid.

Whether this review convinces you to choose ClickBank or JVZoo, I would still like to encourage you to do your own research so you can decide which affiliate network or program will be suitable for you and your online business.

You may wish to read other reviews, consult experts in the field and probably give one a try for a certain time. Examine closely which program and services will get you the most out of your time and financial investment. Choose the best affiliate marketing program for you to increase your chances of succeeding.

A positive point for the newer programs could be the user interface. The ClickBank website dashboard design is dated. The JVZoo cleaner dashboard and user interface are easy on the eyes. One of the first things that greet the JVZoo affiliates is the stats page.

The ClickBank system has its unique set of stats with their unique terms. Do you really understand ClickBank gravity? With JVZoo, the straightforward dashboard and reporting is fairly easy.

I wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing career!

Picking the best affiliate network is critical to your online success. You’ll want to look at affiliate regulations, commission payouts and how quickly you will get paid also. I have decided to make comparisons between ClickBank and JVZoo, two of the most widely used affiliate networks to ensure you get idea and hopefully, make it less difficult to be able to select the most effective affiliate network for you.