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Want to Write For a Living?

Writer Help Wanted is a an internet-marketing program based on a videow training material. This system helps you to make money using your writing skills.

It’s specially created for all the newbies as well as freelance writers. Ron Douglas, author of New York Times bestselling and Alice Seba, a content marketing specialist, created Writer Help Wanted Program.

They have worked with each other and assisted the students to discover ways to earn money using their writing ability everywhere accross the planet.

Quite simply, Writer Help Wanted is regarded as a writing business-training technique. It shows you how to develop your own writing business online.

Writer Help Wanted program enables you to obtain your writing career and offers you additional resources to have things carried out the best way in your writing business.

Members’ Benefits

When you enroll in Writer Help Wanted now, you’ll be able to:

– Reduce your learning curve and get rid of frustration of earning money in the writing market.

– Stay away from scams and negative suggestions. There are many people who might take full advantage of authors trying to make a living. We’ll tell you how to avoid them.

– Save your time looking through unlimited job listings and websites. We’ll teach you where to get the most effective job opportunities and forget about the rest.

– Stop thinking about where your next task is coming from. We will teach you how to gain a steady flow of work and repeat customers.

– Avoid working with unreasonable client requirements and stop being taken benefit of by dishonest publishers. You’ll discover ways to market yourself to ensure that business opportunities will come to you.

– Turn out to be an expert within your market to help you get better ranks. It just takes a small marketing experienced and we’ve got you covered with that.

– Find out how to ask for what you’re worth and build the writing profession you desire. Stay away from the trap of being an underpaid writer that so many deal with.

– Build passive channels of side income, write once, get paid forever. Doing work for customers makes it possible to pay the bills, but we have got even bigger plans for you.

– Take advantage of years worth of established writing expertise and experience. All of us is preparing to help you, so gain knowledge from and avoid their faults and replicate their good results.


After reading an article in your group, I just priced a project at double what I would have and hour ago. My palms were sweaty as I waited to see if they would proceed… Then I received a phone call asking when can I start! No more under pricing… thanks Alice!
Susan O'DeaSusan O'Dea
Overall, this is the best general course I’ve seen yet on the subject of making money as a writer. Especially if you’re looking for something to get you started or to take a smallish business up a level or three in relatively short order.
Paul - Myers, Talk Biz NewsPaul - Myers, Talk Biz News
I’ve been a member of a few large writers’ services over the years, but this is the first one that offered an assortment of constantly updated resources in flexible formats that meet me where I am in my business.
Sharon McMillan, City Living GuideSharon McMillan, City Living Guide

Writer Help Wanted Package

Below are the tools you’ll get when Joining Writer Help Wanted

– Module # 1: Participants will be taught how to look for a a lot of writing opportunities as well as other affordable strategies to earn money from these opportunities.

– Module # 2: For all participants who’re brand new authors as well as generate income, this module can easily deliver the best goal.

– Module # 3: Makes it possible for you to become established as qualified writing provider. You may also do business with your customers due to your area of expertise.

– Module # 4: This module provides you with a variety of tips and techniques to earn money using your writing ability.

– Module # 5: It teaches you enhance your heart winning writing skills.

By making use of these helpful modules, you will get all the needed knowledge for you to start earning form your writing skills. You can also boost income alternatives for yourself. All you need to do would be to stay focused and mindful from other scam online.

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8.5 Total Score
Writer Help Wanted

Writer Help Wanted is a perfect program for those who have passion for writing and need to know how to use their writing skills in a profitable way, write for pleasure and earn money.

  • It helps you locate the most suitable job and forget about the remaining.
  • Educates you the skill of how to market yourself.
  • It helps you to improve your writing skills.
  • It helps you to avoid making the same mistakes of others.
  • It works great for both, the newbie as well as the expert writer.
  • Supportive team members, willing to assist you at each step.
  • You're protected by 60 Days Money-Back guarantee.
User Rating: 4.52 (42 votes)